10.11.2021 | update

updated a few things including my about, the commission page (theyre still closed...sadly) and the TOS. i have a creative block rn so i will unfortunately be inactive art-wise till god knows when...

06.02.2021 | update

since im working right now im on a semi-hiatus till around september. commissions will be closed until then!

20.08.2020 | update

i believe i can finally put the "under construction" sign down and embrace this website as done and open! (aside from the elysium part ofc...) im still thinking of things i can add, if you have any ideas feel free to throw them into the guestbook :-) if you guys have any neocities sites yourself, feel free to link them, i love looking at other peoples works (and ill feature you hehe)! i was thinking of adding a general art gallery, but i think my social media sites already do that job... anyway enjoy your stay on my site! - tali

11.01.2020 | update

hey visitors :-D the site is currently under construction! im still working on it so you gotta wait a bit... feel free to leave comments in the guestbook! thanks for visiting!!!

notes for myself

- sidebar obnw text still has mistakes (all pages)

- obnw background + emblem

our beautiful
new world

Our Beautiful New World is a webcomic on (website) set in the year 2246. Suga, former Earth citizen, suddenly finds herself in the land of society's elite - Elysium - and becomes a key figure in political riots.