Greetings from Space! Thanks for visiting my
 website! I'm Tali, a freelance artist from
 Germany. Right now I'm working at a creative
 center for children and teens.
 I'm 19 years old and use any pronouns.

things i love: illustrating, my webcomic,
 psychology, robots, personality tests, ocs,
 star trek, naruto, astrology, old sci fi,
 the 80ies, scorpions, political theory,
 rpg maker games, minecraft, goth culture, EBM

things i hate: Elon Musk

MBTI TYPE: INTP-A (The Logician)ENNEAGRAM TYPE: 5w4 (The Iconoclast)

ZODIAC: Scorpio sun (10th house) Capricorn moon (1st house) Sagittarius rising ยป


our beautiful
new world

Our Beautiful New World is a webcomic on (website) set in the year 2226. Suga, former Earth citizen, suddenly finds herself in the land of society's elite - Elysium - and becomes a key figure in political riots.